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Children are the most at risk, as their lungs are still in the developmental stage. Dust mites feed off of pet and human dander (dust), and their waste is a major cause of allergies, triggering runny noses, headaches and asthma attacks. Besides asthma, rhinitis, and other respiratory ailments, dust mites can be the cause of other serious health problems such as eczema, rashes, itchy skin or eyes, bronchitis, and chronic dermatitis. We can help your family by providing a proper professional cleaning and treatment of your carpets and other home furnishings.

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Sunset Carpet Care is a cleaning and restoration service company providing longevity of depreciable property, i.e. interior décor fabrics and strives to maximize the healthy condition and quality of our client's home environment by removing from the carpet and furnishings maximum amounts of soil, toxins, allergens, pollutants and bacteria.

We at Sunset Carpet Care pride ourselves on providing "Quality Service at a Fair Price" rather than "Quick Service at a Low Price." For more than 30 years, almost 100% of our business has been through repeat and/or referrals.