Autumn is the Best Time for Cleaning

With the Fall season comes the dry cool air and soon the closing of doors and windows. This past summer, how many pairs of dirty sneakers crossed your entryway carpet? Did you entertain or have snack-crazy kids over for a visit? Food-toting guests and snacking kids can take quite a toll on the carpet.

If you look closely you may find that your carpet served as a giant napkin, absorbing a multitude of food crumbs and drink spills. Chances are food and drink residues are now stuck to your carpet fibers which attract dirt, cause wear, and keep all sorts of bacteria and allergens alive, growing, and multiplying — and don’t forget those pet ‘accidents’.

There is only one solution to all of the dirty-sneaker traffic, food spills, and possible Rover wettings that your carpet has endured this past summer; have your furnishings “healthy clean” for indoor living.

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Sunset Carpet Care is a cleaning and restoration service company providing longevity of depreciable property, i.e. interior décor fabrics and strives to maximize the healthy condition and quality of our client's home environment by removing from the carpet and furnishings maximum amounts of soil, toxins, allergens, pollutants and bacteria.

We at Sunset Carpet Care pride ourselves on providing "Quality Service at a Fair Price" rather than "Quick Service at a Low Price." For more than 30 years, almost 100% of our business has been through repeat and/or referrals.