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Will dirty carpet and upholstery greet your family and guests this Thanksgiving?

You work hard to make your home perfect for the holidays, but, take a look right now. Is the carpet at your entryways darker than it used to be? Are there traffic patterns in your hallways? Do you find the inevitable food spots and stains under and around tables? Is the carpeting in front of your family’s favorite couch and chairs soiled? And don’t forget to check your furniture. Are the fabrics looking dull?

Now is the perfect time to have your carpet and upholstery cleaned – just in time for the holidays. Your furnishings will be looking great, feeling plush, and smelling fresh for your family and guests.

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Sunset Carpet Care is a cleaning and restoration service company providing longevity of depreciable property, i.e. interior décor fabrics and strives to maximize the healthy condition and quality of our client's home environment by removing from the carpet and furnishings maximum amounts of soil, toxins, allergens, pollutants and bacteria.

We at Sunset Carpet Care pride ourselves on providing "Quality Service at a Fair Price" rather than "Quick Service at a Low Price." For more than 30 years, almost 100% of our business has been through repeat and/or referrals.