Carpet Cleaning

Our Professional Cleaning Process

Your carpet represents a significant investment in your home. And nothing protects this investment more than a thorough cleaning by Sunset Carpet Care. With our process, abrasive dirt and soil is effectively and safely removed from your carpet. Our charge is based on the square foot of the room and with either our "StandardsPlus" or "Premium" service packages your carpet is cleaned in accordance with the industry standards specified by most new carpet warranties.

In the fine print of your contract when you purchased new carpet it states, “Carpet must be professionally cleaned and carpet protector applied once every year for warranty to be in effect".

Before having your carpets cleaned, please remove all breakables and items from the tables and other furniture that you would like moved. (We typically do not move entertainment centers, pianos, or fragile items such as curio cabinets.) Please remove all small items such as boxes, shoes etc. from the areas to be cleaned. It is also advisable to arrange for your pets and children to be away from the area to be cleaned.

StandardsPlus Package


A proper pre-inspection will include your areas of concern, spots where you know what was spilled, and those that you do not. While we can remove many spots and stains some may be permanent.


Thorough vacuuming using a powerful turbo vacuum to remove a maximum of dry, abrasive, gritty soil - including edges and corners

Furniture Moving (optional)

Utmost care is exercised in moving furniture items to access and clean carpet beneath. Upon careful reposition, moisture resistant tabs or blocks are placed to protect carpet and furniture from moisture damage. The furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and/or plastic tabs.

Baseboard Cleaning

When we move your heavy furniture, we’ll also clean the dust and soil from exposed baseboards.


Special spotting agents will be applied where necessary in attempts to remove persistent spots and spills. 


An application of specifically formulated prespray to increase soil suspension, thus minimizing moisture retention, will be applied in all cleaning areas.

Thorough Cleaning

All areas will be custom cleaned using the finest equipment and cleaning agents for removal of maximum soil and care of fibers.

Post Spotting

If there are any remaining stains, we will try additional techniques to remove or lighten those areas.


A final grooming will aid in restoring the fluff and set of carpet pile for maximum resilience.  It assures faster drying and will provide a finished, detailed look.

Minimum Dry Time

We will ensure that the carpet is dried and returned to normal use within a reasonable time after cleaning using proper air flow and/or ventilation.  This will vary by the degree of soiling, humidity and temperature.  Use of walk-off fabric will be used as needed.

Post Inspection

Please walk thru your home with our technician to inspect our work. Let us know that you are pleased and that we have met your expectations.

Premium Package

The Premium Package includes all from above, plus the following;

pH Balancing

Neutralizing your carpet fibers will retain maximum color possible and softness of fibers, this prolonging carpet life and beauty.

Carpet Protector

Depending on which cleaning package you desire, carpet protector is applied. This is always recommended, as it prevents staining and re-soiling. This also keeps your carpet warranty in effect.


Sanitizing / Deodorizer

Application of a quality deodorant to maximize neutralization of germs and odor causing bacteria.